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New Year’s Eve in Emilia Romagna: just let the music carry you away!

by /// December 27, 2022
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Here we are! New Year’s Day is just around the corner: 2022 is about to leave us as 2023 presses in, which, according to the Chinese calendar, will be dedicated to the Rabbit.

Among expectations, promises, horoscopes and future plans, most of us are just beginning to ask ourselves: “But on New Year’s Eve? What will we do? Where will we go?”

The desire for celebration has already been in the air for some time in Emilia-Romagna. It is hard not to feel it, especially after what we have been going through the past two years between restrictions and the pandemic.

The desire to have fun is great, as is the urge to get together with friends and family to greet the arrival of 2023 with a cathartic toast.

From Rimini to Piacenza, there are many events scheduled in city squares and throughout the region’s territories. It is impossible to list them all!

If you still haven’t decided how to spend this New Year’s Eve and are looking for cute suggestions to experience a great night, here is a short guide. You will find DJ sets, video-mappings, fireworks and many concerts all free and fun-filled.

New Year's Eve in Romagna

New Year’s Eve at RIMINI

Let’s start with Rimini, which again this year proves to be the place to be on New Year’s Eve.

As per tradition, on New Year’s Eve there will be a big party with museums open for free (starting at 9 p.m.) and guided tours (until 2 a.m.) in many cultural venues.

As many as ten downtown spaces will be involved in this big collective party: Piazza Cavour, Piazza Malatesta, Teatro Galli and Teatro degli Atti, the Courtyard of the Gambalunga Public Library and the new wing of the City Museum, the Part, the “Domus del Chirurgo” archaeological site and the “La Sala del Giudizio”.

The main squares – Piazza Cavour and Piazza Malatesta – will be places for entertainment and music starting from the aperitif.  Kelly Joyce – a french artist – will perform until midnight on the stage in Piazza Malatesta. After her there will the “Fire at the Castle”, a show made of lights, smoke and firefalls (two replicas planned: the first at 00.30 am, the second at 2am).

Frankie hi-nrg mc will offer a selection of rap/hip hop and electronic music to be followed by Satellite band, with a musical journey from the 1970s to today.

For those with an irrepressible desire to dance, the appointment is instead in Piazza Cavour, where the big names of Italian clubbing will perform in rotation: Paradiso Reunion, Gianni Morri, Max Padovani, Paolo Nhe, Michelino & Paolino Zanetti, DJ Max Monti & GAM GAM, and many others.

This time RDS 100% Grandi Successi will leads the dances with Roberta Lanfranchi and Claudio Guerrini who they will accompany us until the midnight toast.

The scheduled events are many. We therefore recommend that you visit The Longest New Year’s Eve worldwide to get the full picture on the entire evening.

There is an interesting sonic tribute to Riviera Club Culture in Rimini at the Modern Wing of the City Museum with DJs Niconote, Ricky Montanari, the Club Paradiso duo, Labiuse and Carebears playing live.

On the following day (January 1st), lovers of great Opera are all invited to the Teatro Galli after Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata will be staged to usher in the New Year.

New Year’s Eve at CATTOLICA

The party of New Year’s Eve starts at 10.30 pm on December 31st in Piazza Roosevelt in Cattolica. It continues late into the night with music by Hit Parade and the Radio Bruno Party.

Daredevils are all invited on January 1st, starting at 9.30 am, on the beach in front of the Kursaal Hotel. Who among you will dare to take a dip in the icy water of the Adriatic Sea?

New Year’s Eve at RICCIONE

We move to Riccione, where the New Year’s Eve party explodes in Piazzale Ceccarini starting at 10 pm. Interpreting the cheerful spirit of New Year’s Eve, this time it’s the turn of the volcanic group Extraliscio, composed of Mirco Mariani, Moreno Il Biondo and Mauro Ferrara. With them on stage Arisa, with her elegant and unmistakable voice.

Capodanno a Riccione | Arisa ed Extraliscio in concerto
New Year’s Eve in Riccione | Arisa ed Extraliscio in concert


The village of Santarcangelo di Romagna is not backing down and is preparing a rich New Year’s Eve celebration. The title chosen for the evening is “La bòba” taking up a poem by Romagna poet Raffaello Baldini.

Restaurants and taverns offer aperitifs and dinners, while some bars promise entertainment and music all night long.

The highlight of the party, however, revolves around Piazza Ganganelli. It is here that from 11.45 pm, the musical DJ set by Bradipop Club and Melodj Mecca from Rimini kicks off. Fireworks show at midnight, followed by an evening of partying with the best DJs from the two Rimini clubs.

New Year’s Eve at BELLARIA

A good start into 2023 in music is the one organized by the beach town of Bellaria Igea Marina, which is planning a “widespread” party with live performances for all tastes and ages.

Six show points spread along the pedestrian avenue P. Guidi (Isola dei Platani) with the intervention, among others, also of the historic band Dik Dik and the funk-soul band Ridillo.

New Year’s Eve at GATTEO

As per tradition, the town of Gatteo offers an afternoon of merriment and fun to continue exchanging good wishes and having fun together.

On January 1st, starting at 3 pm, Moreno “Il Biondo” Conficconi e la sua Orchestra il Grande Evento opens the dancing to the rhythm of ballroom dancing.

The day then continues with the energy of Sergio Casabianca e Le Gocce and their musical show entitled VaritEtA’.


In the picturesque setting of Cervia‘s Canal Harbour, a great New Year’s Eve celebration awaits you.

Among aperitifs, tastings and toasts in downtown venues, the music of the Barboni di Lusso awaits you at the foot of the big Christmas tree in Piazza Garibaldi starting at 10 pm.

New Year’s Eve at CESENATICO

The renowned seaside town of Cesenatico relies on the traditional New Year’s Eve on the Port starting at 11 pm.

On the stage, set up near Piazza Ciceruacchio illuminated by a roof of lights, JBees will take the stage with their latest show dedicated to Italian and international disco music from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. After the concert, the party continues with the sound of Angelino Cranchi DJ.

Don’t miss the evocative Floating Nativity of the Marineria and the Grand Soirée Cinema show scheduled at the Cesenatico Theater starting at 9 pm.

New Year’s Eve at RAVENNA

Capodanno a Ravenna | Christmas Soul
New Year’s Eve in Ravenna | Christmas Soul

Spending New Year’s Eve in Ravenna is always a great idea. The former Byzantine city offers a rich programme made up of soul & gospel concerts, markets, events, guided tours to discover the historic center and extraordinary openings of monuments.

The party kicks off on December 31st at 11 pm in Piazza del Popolo. Taking the stage, as part of the Christmas Soul festival, musician and choirmaster Brent Jones & T.P. Mobb, with a joyful musical performance in the sign of American gospel.

The magical atmosphere is further enhanced by the video-mapping show “The Light of Words” on the facade of the Basilica of San Francesco and the large ice rink in the nearby Piazza Kennedy.

Not to be missed on January 1st is the traditional New Year’s Eve concert on the stage of the Alighieri Theater. Celebrating the arrival of the New Year this year will be Nate Martin & S.I.G.N. between traditional spirituals and modern sounds.

New Year’s Eve at LUGO AND Surrounding

Capodanno a Lugo (Ravenna) | Nada in concerto
New Year’s Eve in Lugo (Ravenna) | Nada in concert

Bassa Romagna and the city of Lugo invite you to a New Year’s Eve with flakes. In the central Piazza Baracca is scheduled a concert by the great Nada, starting at 10 p.m., anticipated by Moder, rapper from Ravenna.

Side events are also scheduled in the nearby towns of Massa Lombarda, Conselice and Villanova di Bagnacavallo.

New Year’s Eve at FERRARA

In Ferrara, the party to greet the New Year will involve all the squares in the historic center, then channeling into the exciting Fire of the Estense Castle (at midnight), the fireworks display that traditionally greets the New Year with cascades of colors, swirls of lights, and lots of music at the stroke of midnight.

Before and after the show Radio Bruno, along with the DejaVu cover band and DJ Lopez, ensures lots of fun and music.

Capodanno a Ferrara, Il tradizionale incendio del Castello Estense
New Year’s Eve in Ferrara| The traditional fireworks display at the Estense Castle

New Year’s Eve at COMACCHIO

Among canals, alleys and illuminated historic buildings, little Comacchio this year offers a New Year’s Eve celebration over three days, from December 30th to January 1st.

On December 31st, the main event is the fireworks display at the foot of Trepponti (at midnight), preceded and followed by the musical show of DJ Roberto Stoppa.

A scenic gala dinner is planned inside the ancient Manifattura dei Marinati, home of the Pickling Factory, with live music and a “reserved” fireworks display on the bank of the Fattibello Valley. For info and reservations (+39 0533 81742 |

An electric train will, then, be available to visit the town from 3 pm on December 31st. Plenty of shows for children and families and refreshment stations are planned for gathering with friends and wishing each other a Happy New Year.

New Year's Eve in Bologna and Modena

New Year’s Eve at BOLOGNA

There is no self-respecting New Year’s Eve in Emilia-Romagna if at the stroke of midnight we are not in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, in front of the burning of a giant puppet symbolising the year gone by (the so called “Vecchione”), traditionally designed by artists who have bonds with the city.

The tradition turns 100 this very year, and there is also a dedicated exhibition Vecchi Vecchioni 100  in Piazza Lucio Dalla.

This year, the Vecchione will finally be realised by the art collective Parasite 2.0, which last year was not realized because of the pandemic.

Laura Gramuglia and her Rocket Girl on Vinyl will start her dj Show live music from 10 pm; to follow will djs Brunella di Montalcino & Marina di Ravenna with a pop music selection. Alessandro Bergonzoni – a bolognese actor – will perform a moment of reflection on the present year and the future.

After the big bonfire, the party will spread to venues and clubs around the city for a night of fun, music and light-heartedness. For more information:

Bologna (BO) | Il rogo del Vecchione
New Year’s Eve in Bologna | The burning of so-called Vecchione, Photo ©

New Year’s Eve at MODENA

The year is drawing to a close and Modena is preparing to greet the arrival of 2023 with a big party in front of its Unesco site (Piazza Grande, Duomo and Ghirlandina).

On the program are two digital installations (The Myth of Phaeton and A Different World) that will transform the walls of the monuments not only into a “canvas” for images but also into the perfect setting for the aerial dance performance, Clairière Urbaine by the Retouramont Company. For times and specifics see:

The following day (January 1st, at 5.30 pm) the appointment is at the Pavarotti-Freni Municipal Theater with theNew Year’s Concert performed by the Theater Philharmonic conducted by maestro Hirofumi Yoshida.

New Year’s Eve at Carpi

This New Year’s Eve Carpi is not sparing itself and offers an incredible DJ set for New Year’s Eve, completely free of charge.

From 11.30 pm, Daddy G, member and founder of Massive Attack, will take the console in Piazza dei Martiri, promising to transform the city into “Europe’s largest open-air club”.

The square and the palace will also be illuminated with special lights and visual effects curated by Francesco Trambaioli , one of the most appreciated “light designers” in Italy.

Capodanno a Carpi (Mo) | Daddy G DJ set
New Year’s Eve in Carpi (Mo) | Daddy G DJ set

New Year's Eve in Emilia

New Year’s Eve at PARMA

Capodanno a Parma | Cosmo in concerto
New Year’s Eve in Parma | Cosmo in concert

The Ducal City of Parma celebrates the transition to the new year with the traditional free concert in Piazza Garibaldi. This year it is the turn of Italian musician and producer Cosmo, much loved by the new generation for his sound halfway between Italian singer-songwriting and electronic music.

Some of the most famous DJs from the local scenes and beyond will take the stage before him. The evening is scheduled to begin at 10 pm.

New Year’s Eve in Castelli del Ducato

Capodanno nei Castelli del Ducato di Parma, Piacenza e Pontremoli
Capodanno nei Castelli del Ducato di Parma, Piacenza e Pontremoli

If you are looking for ideas for a very special New Year’s Eve, why not spend it in one of the beautiful castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli?

On New Year’s Eve and the first day of the year, there are plenty of themed events: big dinners and nightly candlelight tours!

Program in the process of being updated


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