Easter Last Minute: 10 tips for your holidays
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Easter Last Minute: 10 tips for your holidays

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If you are in Emilia Romagna and you’re still thinking about what to do on Easter holiday, if you are still surfing the Web looking for cool events and traditional appointments for the day of Easter, today we come to your aid with 10 selected events especially for you from the ERT staff.

We know that often you can get lost among the myriad of information and events on the web (Right here you could find a useful list), risking being caught by the fateful “house syndrome“, which suggests you stay safe at home or at the hotel.


Spring on the hills of Brisighella

So, since we want to your mental and physical well-being, and we would like to lead you exploring a piece of territory or culture that you don’t know, we decided to summarize here 10 events you can’t miss. Obviously, they are all events chosen by our Staff, so if you don’t feel interested, we suggest you check out the full program of events, which is made starting from the reports of our local tourist offices.

1 – Bologna – Along the Bregoli path on Easter Monday

Bologna is a city that thrives on tradition and every year, during the Easter holidays, the Bolognese are accustomed to consuming the Monday lunch in the gardens of the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. Gardens that are reached by foot and via the ancient path of Brigoli (o Bregoli), a path which leads from Casalecchio to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. The day will include a climb and descent in the morning with the addition of a special Easter snack made of eggs, salami and Pignoletto wine.

2 – Mesola – On the trail of the Mesola Deer

An exclusive tour from the entrance of Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve, following the King of the Wood: the Mesola Deer. On the electric coach (max. of 8 people), it will be possible to enter the deepest part of the Reserve, through the Elciola glade, where deers and bucks will be seen. It will be also possible to reach the Duchesses’ Park, a sand glade, with musk and lichen.

3 – Poggio Torriana – Easter Monday Festival

This festival, also known as “Festa d’la Ligaza”, is based on the traditional Easter Monday picnic and offers food stalls with music and entertainment for adults and children. The program also includes a flea market, a vintage motorcycle exhibition and a motorcycle rally with a sightseeing tour of the Valmarecchia country hills.

4 – Pennabilli – Procession on Good Friday

The Pennabilli’s Good Friday Procession is a historical commemoration in period costumes through the streets of the town accompanied by music and songs of praise. This old town will relive the ancient Procession of Christ: on the day of Good Friday, the inhabitants of Pennabilli, wearing traditional costumes, will accompany Christ from the Chiesa della Misericordia Church to the monastery of the Augustinian Sisters. The procession is opened by Roman soldiers on the march, followed by the holy women, Simon of Cyrene, men wearing long black hoods and Christ oppressed by the weight of the Cross.

5 – Montefiore Conca – Good Friday Pageant

For April 14th it is scheduled in Montefiore Conca, a small fortified town in Rimini Province, a traditional historical commemoration in period costumes through the streets of the old town accompanied by music and songs of praise. A good occasion to participate to old Italian traditions in a small medieval village.

6 – Tredozio – Traditional boiled-egg beating festival

The ancient boiled-egg beating festival used to take place in the nearby parish of Ottignana on Easter Monday. Although the beating of boiled eggs has ancient roots, this propitiatory ritual of Spring is still common in various cities in Italy.
The conquest of the Palio, the annual competition between the 4 town districts near the village’s river bank, is preceded by a historical parade in medieval costumes in which the 4 districts are represented and accompanied by trumpets, flag bearers and pageboys bearing the ‘Palio d’Argento‘, walking towards the field where the competition usually takes place.


Italian traditional Easter breakfast

7 – Rocca san Casciano – Bonfire Festival

In the lovely medieval village of San Casciano, situated in the heart of the ancient Tuscan Romagna, the preparations for the traditional Festa del Falò, the Bonfire Festival, are in full swing.
The lighting of the two gigantic bonfires, a symbol of the historical competition going on between the two village districts, together with the spectacular fireworks display, known as “I Botti”, will plunge all participants into a magical atmosphere. The competition will continue with the parade of allegorical floats and end with music and dancing in the village square until late at night.
Along the banks of the Montone river and among the crowds of die-hard fans supporting the two teams of the Il Borgo and Il Mercato districts, the majestic bonfires will burn. They are made of broom twigs, or more precisely of spini, as they are still called nowadays, that is brambles and brushwood that people would use for the preparation of the haystacks until 10 years ago.
Later on, the celebrations will move to the village square where the marvelous allegorical floats will parade accompanied by hundreds of people in costume. Each district then presents its themed show in an explosion of music and fun that will involve even the public, turning the whole square into a huge dance floor, with the dancing ending only late at night.

8 – Ravenna – Guided Tours

Four guided tours to get to know more about UNESCO monuments in Ravenna and to discover the less-known corners of the city.

9 – Montescudo – Cockle Festival

Cockle Festival in Motescudo is a food and wine festival with different markets, bands playing folk music and typical music from Romagna and Sangiovese wine to celebrate this tasty seafood specialty. Cockles are fished in the near town of Cattolica and every year they are brought in Montescudo for Easter.
This Festival is suggested to everyone who wants to explore the less-known Italian food traditions.

10 – Treasure hunt at Rivalta Castle

The treasure hunt for children at Rivalta Castle is an engaging activity to climb up the castle tower following hints that will help young participants learn about the noble values behind chivalry. At the end, they will receive the high honor of Ripa Alta knighthood.
The entertaining guides will tell a story that passes on the values of discovering the world together and overcoming obstacles with the help of a team during the treasure hunt.


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